Our Staff

The Mount Everest Cafe is Sherpa family owned & operated, a fact that leads to a pleasant, family-friendly dining experience. Here is some background information about the familiar faces that provide one of the best dining experiences in Northern Colorado:

Dawa Sherpa worked for five years leading medical groups and trekkers through the mountains of Nepal. In the U.S. he worked for Whole Foods Market for 4 years.

Thubten Tenzin spent 15 years as a monk in Kopan Monastery in Nepal. He has worked for the Rockefeller family and Martha Stewart in the U.S.

Phuri Sherpa, the head chef, learned to cook through the Nepalese Trekking and Mountaineering Association. He has cooked for groups throughout Nepal and Bhutan and has many years of restaurant cooking in the U.S.

Lhakpa Doma Sherpa owned her own resturant in Kathmandu, Nepal and has been a cook for many years in restaurants in the U.S.